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 "Bryan Naff is one of the best inspectors I have ever used."

Margaret Murchie, Realtor

"I use no one else."

Beryl Ono, Realtor

"Once again - my buyers were really impressed with the inspection you gave. They truly understand the good, bad and ugly. They are looking forward to being home owners. Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism!!!"

Holly Turl (R), Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties

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"Thanks, Bryan. Your professionalism and skills are highly appreciated!"

Gloria Affigne, Realtor 9/22/10

Each time I have called Bryan, he was able to take my job on no matter
what the circumstance

Pat Baxter, Realtor


"Bryan goes above and beyond the typical home inspector/report. He communicates quickly and goes the extra mile to educate the buyer on the house/findings. I will continue to use his services. He is responsive to the agent and very professional."

Cindy Nash, R,CRS,GRI 8/6/2010

"Bryan Naff with Architech Home Inspection Systems, LLC is always a professional and reliable
service for my clients."

Vickie Graham RA Century 21 All Islands

"Once again you have come in on a short timeline and completed a thorough inspection for me. I appreciate having someone with such high quality customer service to call for my inspection needs. The defects in the home you found are likely to save me a lot of money in the long run."

David Nash, Realtor

"what I particularly like about Bryan is that he talks readily with the buyers. Then, he patiently answers all calls after the inspection is over."
"He is great and will use him again"

Judy J Jakobovits, Realtor

"The Brogans were very pleased with the home inspection Bryan provided and the quick turnaround on the inspection report allowed us to respond to the sellers in a timely manner."

Allison Green 8/2010

Aloha Bryan,

This is the first time we contracted with you for a home inspection.  I have worked with excellent inspectors in the past.  Your performance ranks the highest.  My clients were very impressed, reassured, and appreciative by your direct, brief, and personalized responses to their questions.
As a realtor, my first responsibility is to protect my clients.  Your inspection addressed and supported this objective.  At the same time, the buyers (my clients) understood that this home is an excellent value and should be considered a work in progress.  Serious deficiencies were highlighted, but did not appear overwhelming.  

Mahalo for all your hard work and clarity,

Marc Machbitz RA
Century 21 All Islands

As a real estate broker practicing for over 7 years, I have worked with many different home inspectors. These inspectors use various methods to translate and display their findings for the prospective homebuyer (or in some cases homeowner) to view. 
The method of delivery (both verbal and physical) makes or breaks the customer's impression, comfort, and understanding. Bryan does a fantastic job of comforting the customer, addressing concerns, and goes above and beyond in making sure there are no other questions left unanswered. 
He is a great coach and is very sincere in his dealings. Definitely polished in terms of adapting to different personality types. I have no problem recommending especially my first time homebuyers to him, which many times have the most questions and also the most anxiety! If he can handle them perfectly, he can handle anybody perfectly.
On top of the face to face experience, he provides a state of the art, professional digital report with color photos for the client and agent to view. Prior to the inspection, the booking process can be easily done online at his website, and the email follow up between booking and inspection is helpful.

James Chan, Realtor

Thanks to Bryan's very thorough home inspection, we walked away from a million dollar home that would have cost us $50k in "undisclosed" problems.  He is a very knowledgable and detail oriented inspector and I highly recommend him.

Vicki S.

Bryan, from start to finish, both my clients and I were impressed with your professionalism and follow-through in setting up the appointment; demonstrating such thoroughness in your inspection; and delivering a hard copy of the report by the time they met you.  Wow! They felt "well taken care of" and appreciated your suggestions during the recent home inspection of their impending purchase.  I will, no doubt, have you take care of my future buyers and look forward to calling you soon.  I agree, "others are just looking around."  Thank you for being as good as you are!

Paula S.

Bryan Naff is a friendly, knowledgeable, and conscientious home inspector.  I was set at ease by his friendly and confident demeanor.  He explained his findings in a manner that was understandable to a layman such as myself and took the time to explain terminology that I did not understand.  He was very much a skilled teacher that left me feeling I had learned a lot in a short period of time.  I definitely recommend Bryan Naff to anyone who is in need of a home inspection.

Gary T.

I was extremely impressed by the thoroughness of Bryan's report. He had photos of everything that needed to be repaired , circling the area. This was so important to me because I live in Massachusetts and couldn't be at the inspection. He also sent me the report within 24 hours which made my life a lot easier from this distance. I was able to reach him within an hour of receiving the report to ask questions and he put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend Bryan's work to anyone.
Thank you!

Karen Hendrickson

My interaction with Bryan to set the inspection up, his professionalism to keep me informed leading up to the inspection, the inspection and the process once completed was outstanding.  As the buyer, I need his information/knowledge/prospective to make an informed decision. I have that information and I can proceed with a better feeling about the home we hope to buy. This entire process was professional and appropriate for a decision as important as this. Any buyer that uses Bryan can proceed with the assurance that a professional has inspected his new home.

Keo H.

I have to say that brian was so knoweldgeable and helpful that I was truly taken back. I was recently negotiating the purchase of a home and he gave me one of the most detailed reports I've ever received.

Ryan D.

M. Andrews
Nuuanu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817

October 28, 2006

Dear Bryan,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent and knowledgeable service you provided. I was impressed with your integrity and I truly feel you had our best interests at heart. While I have purchased a number of properties in California I was unfamiliar with certain local construction practices and issues. Enough so that I missed a significant defect in the construction of the first property we were planning on buying.

So while we were disappointed in the "undisclosed" construction defect that you found, we would have been much more so had we actually completed the purchase of that house and then been subjected to the headaches and cost of a difficult, expensive and time consuming major repair. Your fee was money well spent.

Likewise I am appreciative of your efforts on the second property that you inspected for us. Especially in your willingness to follow up on my after sale questions and pointing me in the right direction when I was making improvements to the property and having difficulty in procuring a part locally. While it might have been just a little thing for you to do, taking the time to follow up was really a big help to me.

I consider it the difference between someone who just does the job and someone who is sincere, takes pride in their work, and is a professional. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

With Regards,

ML Andrews


Here's What Other's are Saying...


"Don't have a comparison to make a statement."



"Very helpful and consistent :)"



"As this was our first experience, not sure what was unique but your customer service and willingness to meet customer needs impressed us and we will certainly refer others to you when asked."



"You are the first company I have used so I have a very small basis for comparison. However, I was impressed with Bryan's expertise and his ability to explain some of the more complicated issues in laymans' terms."



"The response time to the request was excellent. You are also among the few who was able to quote a firm price on the cost of inspection."



"highly qualified and effecient except for the two reports that messed me up"



"As a website designer, I love the electronic accessibility. Even though Bryan was out of town (6 hr difference on time zone) on the day I made the appointment, he remained in touch and gave instant feedback on my questions via email - have recommended Architech to any friends that may require this service! The report format was very nice as well."



"We appreciate that Bryan took the time to give us insights as he was inspecting, even though that is not his usual protocol."



"Electronic reporting"



"pictures of items of interest"



"informative followup and availability"



"Overall knowledge of all aspects of construcion and building and most importantly ability to talk directly to staff right away by phone and email.
The job doesn't stop after the inspection but has feedback and followup including unbiased referral information"



"Approach in a way that fits individual's needs."



not sure, don't have anything to compare you to. however, I was very happy with the service.



"pictures corresponding with the electronic report, and continued service after purchase."






"The lay out of the report, with picures to go with every recommendation or finding, is very user friendly and easy to use. Haven't had many other reports to compare this to, but it is light years ahead of the one we got last time we bought a house."



"I appreciated Bryan taking time during the inspection to point out areas of interest. I also was glad that he took me aside prior to the inspection to ask of any areas I was concerned with and would like more focus paid to."



"Provided one on one information. Friendly yet professional attitude."



"I think the online access to information, payment options and inspection report makes it a user-friendly experience."



"Came highly recommended"



"You mentioned fire safety. That's a point of difference, but probably not the most important one to me as buyer."



"I appreciated your thoroughness, as well as follow up with my questions after the inspection."



"More internet web friendly and great customer service and great all around knowlege."



"Your personal attention.
You inspected what was important to me and pointed out problems to me.
Thanks for your help."



"The inspector did a thorough inspection of the house and we are satisfied with the inspection report. He is an excellent inspector. The company was strongly recommended by our realtor, Meredith Chapman and Jennifer Musso."



"Online report in timely manner. Picture with arrows pointing to areas of interest are very helpful."



"Bryan was extremely professional and thorough. Your report was the best I've ever seen.
thanks Bryan!"



"Very professional. Well organized and put together."



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