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Don & Pat Baxter


"Each time I have called Bryan, he was able to take my job on no matter what the circumstances."




Bryan and his company were referred to me by a Realtor friend of mine and Iím so glad I got that referral. Each time I have called Bryan, he was able to take my job on no matter what the circumstances. He arrives early to the job with his equipment at the ready. He is thorough in his inspection of the property with great attention to detail and his reports with color photos are a wonderful tool for the buyers to keep for those days when there is time for large or small jobs.

His reports are easy to read and comprehend, even for the most inexperienced lay person, and they arrive either the same day or the very next morning. There is never a wait!

I admire how Bryan can tell the buyers after his inspection, what the problems are with the property and also help them see what is a major defect and what is just something that can be taken care of some day at a later date.

Not long ago, I called him for a very important job: our daughter and son-in-law were in escrow to purchase their first home and were very nervous about the large commitment they were about to make. Bryan did the job and helped them feel comfortable about the property. They were impressed with Bryan and thanked me for introducing them. By the time Bryan left, our kids felt good about their purchase and knew exactly what they were buying. That makes me happy as a Mother and makes my job a lot easier as a Realtor.

Thank you Bryan.

Pat Baxter (RA)

Baxter Realty Group
(808) 551-5729 (cell phone)
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