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We Report on and Examine
Over 400 Components
of your house, Such As…


· Panel and Service size
· Proper Grounding
· Condition of Visible Wiring
· Presence of Ground Fault Circuit
· Over-Current Protection
· Receptacles for Ground and Polarity
· Condition of Electric Panel and


· Any Visible Leaks
· Water Heater and Presence of Temperature
Pressure Relief Valve or Mixed Metals
· The Flow, Drainage and Function of
· Anti-Siphon Valves
· Supply Lines and Shut off Valve
· Proper Venting
· Water Pressure (Approx.)
· Water Temperature (Approx.)



Air Conditioning/Heating

· Visible Condition of Ducts or Freon
· Operate Thermostat
· Air Conditioner and/or Heat Pump
· Condition and Presence of Filter
· Air Handler
· Condition of Condensation Line And
· Age, Size and Overall Condition of
Condensing Unit
· Condition and Operation of Boiler and
Accessible Combustion Chamber Burner




· Grade Next To House
· Siding In Contact With Ground
· Drainage and Signs of Erosion
· Porch, Deck, Stoop and Stairs
· Trees or Shrubs In Contact or
Damaging House
· Condition of adjacent Retaining Walls


· Overall Condition of Materials and
Surfaces of the Exterior
· Condition of Doors and Windows
· Condition of the Paints, Caulks,
Sealants and Stains
· Hardware and Locking Mechanisms on
Doors and Windows for Proper Operation
· Components for Possible Water/Insect
· Mortar Joints for Deterioration, Crumbling
or Cracking



· Materials, Approximate Age and Condition
· Missing or Damaged Shingles
· Exposed Fasteners And Roof Penetrations
· Condition of Structure and Visible
· Flashing, Valleys, Drip Edge, Skylights
and Vents
· Overhangs and Eaves
· For Presence of Fungus or Mold



· Over All Condition of Accessible
Framing and Structure
· Severe Settlement in Floors
· Accessible Crawlspaces/Slabs for Signs
of Previous Moisture or Insect Damage
· Condition of Parge Coats or Stucco
· Visible Floors and Slabs for Signs of
· Mortar Joints for Deterioration, Crumbling
or Cracking


· Operate Pump
· Visible Condition of Intake and Return Lines
· Age and Size and Overall Condition of Pump
· Check on condition of Skimmer
· Report On Condition and Presence of Filter
· Severe Settlement in Deck and Walls
· Grout and Tiles for Deterioration, Crumbling or Cracking
· Liner For Previous Damage, Tear
· Ask About Additional Fees for Pools and Spas


Connection at lugs

Exposed wire in
main panel

Double Taps at
 Electrical Panel

Dead receptable

Burn marks at

Hot box at garage

Corroded Pipe

Active leak at
tub waste

GQ loose tub

Water stains under
kitchen sink

Old school drain

Rust at H20 Heater

AC Compressor
not level

Noted repairs

clean AC return vents

Vent Terminating
in attic

fungus-like growth at supply

Corrosion at compressor coils

Front gate damaged

Stair rotted
and damaged

Palm overhangs

Rear Stair damage

Right side graded
towards house

Lean-to improperly

Damage at front
 left fascia

Elevated moisture
at front entry trim

Rot, insect damage
at front carport

Minor damage to
wall under hose

Rot at east facing

Standing water
in gutters

Rot at roof trim

Minor debris in

Weak Sheathing

Missing tabs &
exposed fasteners

Moisture verified
at eave

Missing shakes

Extensive damage
at front left

connection at

Damage at
right attic

Substandard Workmanship


Signs of previous
insect damage

Spa Heat Pump

Corrosion at Diving Board

Update Caulks

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