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Purchasing a house is often the largest investment a family will make. It’s more than a place to hang our hats, for most of us it’s where our families gather, where our children play and grow and our place to feel safe and secure. Having a professional home inspector visually inspect the many systems and components that make up your new home just makes sense. And the knowledge and information gained from a professional home inspection can help you make a more informed decision as well as ease many common concerns. An unbiased inspection provided by our trained professionals will give you the confidence you deserve when making your new home purchase.


Reduce the stress and liability involved in selling your home; market your property as professionally “Pre-Inspected” and set yourself apart from other home sellers. Save yourself the anxiety and cost of last minute repairs and findings that can change the outcome of an “easy sale”. A professional Pre-Inspection will make your sale stronger by finding potential problems early in the sales process and will serve as a great tool in marketing your property.

Realtors, Agents and Brokers___________________________

Your clients turn to you for advice during many stages of the home buying and selling process. In particular, many clients look for guidance in hiring a home inspector. When you recommend one of our inspectors, you can be sure that your client will receive excellent service from a qualified professional inspector. All our inspectors must meet stringent educational requirements and adhere to the NAHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

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